Donna Goodman

Roles at NAAEE:

eePRO Group Leader

K-12 EE Group Moderator

Program Director, Author
Donna Goodman Productions, Earth Child Institute, Ecomasters

ECOMASTERS: A Planet in Peril, author, Donna L. Goodman is a globally respected and widely published expert on issues related to environment and children.
Donna has been a champion of the rights and participation of child and young people in the environment sector for more than 25 years. Her international development work has been widely published by UN partners including UNICEF, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Health Organization (WHO) and others. In the private sector, her work has been published by McGraw-Hill, Turner Broadcasting for Cartoon Network and MTV through production of a documentary special program about water featuring Jay-Z.

She has documented and evaluated water, sanitation and hygiene, environmental education, climate change adaptation and child participation initiatives and activities in close to seventy (70) of countries worldwide.  As an advocate for the children of the world, she worked as a driving force toward the recognition of children and youth as a constituency to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), what is now known as YOUNGO, and is the author of a number of publications which both raise awareness of policymakers to the critical importance of considering young people in emerging policy, to train youth leaders who work with children and to raise awareness and bridge policy gaps between education, environment and participation. In practical terms, she is very pleased and proud to have assembled a team of brilliant young leaders throughout the world who are working with children as part of Earth Child Institute’s Global Action Classroom project and has learned volumes about children as a single mom of three amazing grown children, Stacey (age 32, Lindsey (age 30) and Elliot Goodman Lee (age 26) and grandmother of Emma, age 5.