Donna Stowe

Roles at NAAEE:

ee360 Partner

VP of Programs
Earth Force

Donna Power Stowe has extensive experience in education - as a classroom teacher of various age levels, teacher trainer, and program and curriculum developer for several education non-profits, including developing the original program design and curriculum materials for Earth Force. A common theme throughout her education career has been developing and supporting opportunities for youth to understand the importance of informed civic action at all levels in a democracy and to begin practicing those skills in conjunction with their classroom learning.

Donna brings experience and skill in program development, developing effective community partnerships in communities and states across the country and helping diverse and previously non-collaborative groups find common ground in shared goals and interests, which have led to initiatives of lasting impact. Her lifelong professional quest for the most effective learning environments and approaches has been a driving factor in founding an educational non-profit that focused on the use of arts to teach core academics and engage all learners; and to develop a mentoring program of business leaders supporting first-generation college students in their transition to college and through college completion. Donna knows the power of informed public voice and the importance of developing that voice with young people around critical issues for their lives now and in the future.