Fontoh Desmond Abinwi

Roles at NAAEE:

CEE-Change Fellow

Executive Director
Crusaders for Environmental Protection and Ozone Watch

Fontoh works to build “eco-kids for the future” by empowering young children to be ambassadors and combat growing environmental challenges.

Fontoh joins the Fellowship from ​​the Crusaders for Environmental Protection and Ozone Watch located in Cameroon. He brings with him an enjoyment of tourism, art and culture, and music concerts. His professional skills include developing community conservation actions, promoting environmental education amongst kids, project writing and management, crowdfunding and fundraising skills, and lastly skills on effective tree planting and bio-monitoring. 

Fontoh hopes to visit any national parks around the world with unique biodiversity qualities. 

He has been inspired by many passion-driven achievers in the field of environmental education. However, his greatest source of inspiration has been Mahatma Gandhi with his purity of heart and the way he emphasized protecting Mother Nature and ensuring harmony. He was very unique, and his philosophy is key towards triggering conscious behaviors to promote effective environmental practices and the SDGs with all sincerity and belief in Africa and beyond.

Beat the Bottle:
Environmental Education and Recycling of Post-Consumer Plastic Waste to Manufacture Building Materials (plastic pavements, and roofing tiles )

The Project
Our project is to recycle post-consumer plastic waste into eco-friendly plastic pavements and tiles. The plastic waste provides the opportunity to create a better alternative to ceramic and brick pavements. Using plastic collected from the streets and landfills of our locality, our idea uses a simple manufacturing technique known as injection molding to convert shredded and melted plastic into durable and environment-friendly plastic pavements and tiles. In this way, no plastic will find its way onto the streets. This project is designed to equip young citizens with the capability to transform plastics and earn up while conserving their environment.

This solution creates economic value on plastic at the points of generation to enable households, farms, and companies to sort and sell plastics to earn income. We are creating wealth from waste. Our solution will generate employment for individuals at the initial stages of the value chain, mostly youth and women, who collect, sort, and clean plastic waste for reselling. We have already collected over 10,000kg of plastics and transformed them into pavements and tiles, and have trained 20 youths on this skill. The community is already familiar with our project targets and has always wished we scale it and reach out to more youths. 


  • To withdraw over 50,000 kilograms of plastic in 9 months from the environment and use them to manufacture plastic pavements and tiles.
  • To create a beat-the-bottle environmental education platform, create 5 Eco Clubs in 5 schools all aimed at empowering, ensuring, and educating youths on the need to beat plastic pollution and conserve our planet.
  • To train 50 youths and promote entrepreneurship through the recycling of plastics to plastic pavements, tiles, and creation of 50 direct with over 100 indirect jobs hereby Alleviating poverty.
  • To Sensitize, engage, and strengthen media discussions alongside collaboration in promoting the recycling of plastics for the production of plastic pavements and tiles to ensure eco-friendly building materials.