Jatnna Ramirez

Roles at NAAEE:

CCC Fellow

Global Kids and EE Capacity Fellowship

Jatnna Ramirez is a human rights and climate activist educator at Global Kids, a non-profit educational organization working to develop youth leaders for the global stage through dynamic global education and leadership development programs. Through interactive workshops and youth campaign building, Jatnna supports Global Kids in reaching New York City public high school students from underserved communities to teach them about environmental justice and climate change as a local and global issue. As a lead trainer for Global Kids’ Human Rights Activist Project, she provides Global Kids students with activities and opportunities that serve as a platform for their development as climate and community leaders.

Fellowship Project

Young students from underserved communities have the right to know about climate change and climate solutions, and to be part of the policy making process to address climate change. The Climate Action Institute will enable 20 high school students to do just that. Through interactive workshops, field trips and engaging experienced speakers, participants of the Climate Action Institute will explore climate and environmental justice issues—and possible solutions— affecting their local and global community. Moreover, the students will take action by organizing for and attending the People’s Climate March on September 21, 2014. At the end of this one-week institute, the students will be climate literate, understand the power of social movements, and feel like they are part of the climate justice movement.