Jenna Hoover

Spirituality and EE Group Moderator

Program Educator
Chino Basin Water Conservation District

Jenna (she/her) knows how to go with the flow. She loves yoga and dancing (primarily through Zumba videos). But she’s also passionate about protecting groundwater and engaging students in both an academic and advocacy setting. She’d love to visit Bali—her mom’s parents are from Indonesia, and she’d love to connect with her roots and the land and water. 

For her community action project, Jenna intends to develop a cohort program of middle and high school volunteers who will receive community service hours for developing community action projects related to groundwater in their service area, as well as serving as ambassadors for the Chino Groundwater Basin. 

Currently the Program Educator & Youth Director for the Chino Basin Water Conservation District & First Presbyterian Church of Pomona, Jenna is excited to share her skills including Next Generation Science Standards integration in nonformal education spaces, water education, culturally responsiveEE in lower-income and Latinx communities, and California Naturalist training as well as experience working in churches, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.