Kim Bailey

Roles at NAAEE:


Kim Moore-Bailey is the current Executive Director of Youth Outside, a nonprofit based in California. Kim’s leadership and vision drive Youth Outside, whose mission is to connect young people to nature by eliminating barriers to access, providing resources, and promoting outdoor programming. Kim's inspiration comes from her own personal and professional experiences, and her love of the outdoors. Before joining Youth Outside, Kim consulted for Greenway, LLC. Previously, she was the Vice President of Strategy & Centers at Outward Bound, and Manager of Denver Parks and Recreation for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Kim has co-authored a number of publications on cultural relevancy in the outdoors. She has also facilitated, presented, and spoken on many panels about the importance of cultural relevancy work in the environmental movement.

In 2016, the Association of Black Foundation Executives selected Kim as a Connecting Leaders Fellow. She has previously done graduate work in education policy as well as urban design and planning. Kim holds an MA in Counselor Education from New York University and a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University.