Margie Simon

Roles at NAAEE:

CCC Fellow

Margie Simon has ample experience in the management of environmental education and communication programs, sustainable development, solid and hazardous waste management consulting, urban and regional planning, policy and institutional analysis, project management and administrative support, and fundraising and management of these funds for non-profit organizations. During her time as CICEANA’s Director, the organization has directly benefited more than 6,000,000 persons through its many programs. CICEANA has developed a rooftop botanical garden at its headquarters that is recognized by the Secretary of the Environment (SEMARNAT), since the year 2002, as an UMA (environmentally managed space). In addition, during her period as Director, CICEANA has received various distinctions, the last three from SEMARNAT through The Center for Environmental Education and Capacity Building (CECADESU). They include; The National Prize for Environmental Merit in the category of environmental communication (2012); an honorable mention for the National Prize for Environmental Merit in the environmental education category (2011), and the accreditation of CICEANA as a Quality Center for Environmental Education (2010), for receiving the highest national evaluation in the five aspects of the model for evaluation and accreditation employed by CECADESU in the evaluation process.

Fellowship Project

In the past four years, 15 climate theaters have been built in various locations throughout Mexico. Several more are in the process of being built.  All of them contain the "science on a sphere,” technology developed by NASA and NOAA. This includes a round projecting screen of 2 meters in diameter and all the necessary equipment to project in a 360 degree view. These theaters have the capability to showcase over 300 presentations developed by the aforementioned organizations on a variety of topics relating to climate change. They can also project a view of the earth in real time (15 minutes delay), as they are connected to a worldwide satellite system. Currently, each theater is run as a separate entity, with varying success and results. There is little consistency in content, logistics, management of the project, and staffing. Funding is haphazard due to its reliance on political will and donations. This project strives to develop a network to better manage these programs, sharing content, supervision, and funding. Specific goals include 1) development of content and didactic material for the education program; 2) develop and carry out a management plan for hiring, training and supervising each center’s staff with a centralized management team; 3) initiate the program for all classes of visitors; 4) explore the possibilities of, and obtain funding for this project; 5) obtain more partners for this project; and 6) insure the continuity of this project in an unsure and ever-changing political and financial environment.