Michele Archie

Roles at NAAEE:

eePRO Group Leader

Advocacy, Policy, and Civic Engagement Group Moderator

The Harbinger Consulting Group

Michele Archie leads Harbinger Consulting’s public deliberation, economic analysis, and Geotourism work. Michele holds a Master’s Degree in environmental studies from the University of Montana.

Michele has been involved with NAAEE’s Environmental Issues Forums program from its inception, contributed to the Environmental Education Community Engagement Guidelines, and has developed curricula and conducted trainings related to community engagement in public deliberation.

Since 2003, Michele has led Harbinger’s work engaging communities and public lands managers in understanding and expanding economic relationships between national parks and other public lands and their gateway communities. Harbinger has conducted more than 25 of these economic studies, where effective engagement has frequently spurred collaborative sustainable tourism and economic development efforts.