Regina Fong

Regina currently works as an office administrator with NAAEE where she helps run the DC office as well as support all remote staff. She has worked at several other nonprofits in Washington, D.C before joining NAAEE including Casey Trees and Conservation International. Regina has dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Affairs with a focus on International Environmental Resources and Environmental Studies from the George Washington University. Originally from the Philippines, Regina has developed a deep connection with the planet and is dedicated to helping others feel the same. She is particularly fascinated by ocean conservation issues as well as food and runs her own blog featuring some of her recipes in hopes to encourage everyone to cook more to save the planet.

Fellowship Project

Regina’s project focuses on helping other organizations plan webinars of consistently good quality in order to attract and retain audiences. As organizations try to expand their reach and influence to individuals great distances away, webinars are the perfect solution to interact with people that otherwise would be unable to participate. The concept of the project is to provide tools for organizations that will help avoid the “webinar that feels like a conference call” feeling. Too often webinars feel like a large conference instead of a useful informative session. These tools will include downloadable planning worksheets for before, during, and after webinars. The pre-webinar worksheet will help organizations with the planning process of the webinar. The during-webinar worksheet will include webinar etiquette reminders as well as tips on how to keep people engaged. The post-webinar worksheet will include sample ways for organizations to follow-up with participants, evaluate their webinars, and improve future efforts. Through this project, Regina hopes to eliminate the stress of planning so that organizations can focus on what really matters: content.