Susan Hill

Roles at NAAEE:

eePRO Group Leader

Equity and Inclusion Group Moderator

Experiential Learning Coordinator
Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Susan Hill has recently started in the field of environmental education by joining the Green Iowa AmeriCorps program after graduating from Allegheny College with a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science in 2021. Through AmeriCorps, she found she is passionate about teaching others about the environment and sharing in outdoor experiences. While in college, she was part of a service program that focused on building community and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. She hopes to continue to advocate for those two focus areas in all current and future work in the field. 

In her current role, she serves as an Experiential Learning Coordinator at Whiterock Conservancy in Iowa. Though she calls Pennsylvania home, Susan is greatly enjoying her experiences in the midwest, especially learning the names of many different prairie plants. In her free time, Susan enjoys reading, movies, and baking while indoors; and hiking, kayaking, and reading (in a hammock) while outdoors.