Capacity building

Inclusion of marginalized groups in environmental education requires change from the ground up. In this discussion-based presentation, discover ways your organization can make your educational programming more welcoming for LGBTQ+ participants through shifts in language. Participants will have a chance to evaluate their own content for ways to improve their inclusiveness.

Come learn about NAAEE and NOAA's new partnership, eeBLUE. Together, we’re building capacity for environmental literacy by strengthening professional networks, disseminating best practices, and supporting high-quality STEM education.

Teach-ins were an important tool to mobilize citizens for first Earth Day in 1970. For the 50th anniversary in 2020, we are calling on educators around the world to host teach-ins on locally important environmental issues. Come get resources and ideas on how to integrate environmental education and civic action.

Whether introducing environmental education or discussing program planning, the NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence are a great springboard for classroom discussions and activities. This session will share ways that the Guidelines have been used in some college courses, and leave plenty of time for brainstorming how to use these resources more.

Many EE programs like PLT and WILD have state coordinators. What would that model look like if we applied it to the Guidelines for Excellence? This session will share how four states have been working together with ee360 funding to develop state hubs for dissemination and training Guidelines Bureau members.

What is the role of nature centers in the age of climate change? This session is designed for nature center staff who are interested in collectively problem solving how we can play a critical role in mobilizing people to take action on climate change at the community scale. Approximately 30 participants worked in groups to brainstorm responses to the big question, as well as: How do nature centers communicate their role as climate conveners to their communities? and Who else do we need to work with? See attached notes from the session. We have a follow-up Zoom call with participants on November 21 to discuss what progress we have made in our efforts to be relevant in the age of climate change. We hope to build a network that will come together periodically to support each other and track progress. Please contact Michelle Eckman if you would like to join that Zoom call.


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