This ee360 Fellowship project focuses on the launch of a Community Action Program for teen volunteer junior docents at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, New Hampshire. The Community Action Program partners with local nonprofit organizations to increase volunteer opportunities and extend the reach of teen volunteerism on environmental issues into the community. After volunteering for a project teens share the story of their work with the public through in-person talks and social media. The launch of the program was in 2018.

As educators who work in professional learning in Educating for Sustainability (EfS) we have found that equity is often the most difficult of the 3 Es of sustainability to address well. We wanted to deepen our own understanding of and strengthen our practice in equity work in community with other educators. After gathering other interested people from multiple learning institutions to begin talking about social justice and EfS, a model for embedded professional learning emerged. This became a vehicle for sustained conversations around identity, power, privilege, and equity in our work. It was a safe space to explore how we participate in and perpetuate systems of inequity and to experiment with anti-racist actions that we endeavored to take within our unique spheres of influence. As this community of learning, inquiry and practice developed, we found that it allowed people to step into leadership roles in their own professional communities of teaching and learning.

Whether introducing environmental education or discussing program planning, the NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence are a great springboard for classroom discussions and activities. This session will share ways that the Guidelines have been used in some college courses, and leave plenty of time for brainstorming how to use these resources more.

Many EE programs like PLT and WILD have state coordinators. What would that model look like if we applied it to the Guidelines for Excellence? This session will share how four states have been working together with ee360 funding to develop state hubs for dissemination and training Guidelines Bureau members.


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