International EE

This presentation is introduced by a group of high school students who are now creating one of the first Eco-schools in China entirely initiated and organized by high school students. They will share solutions to prevailing problems existing in Eco-schools like us and most of the Eco-schools in China and the world.

This paper argues that education is necessary but insufficient for creating a just and sustainable future because of the wealth-gap between the global North and South. Three factors are assessed to make this argument: lack of access to resources, the South-to-North brain drain, and nation-specific government policy.

The use of policy research to support national sustainable development frameworks and implementation plans is gaining importance in international sustainability and climate agendas. Its contribution to formulating, developing, and implementing education is equally important. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of education supports: 1) revealing the progress of an implemented education project over time; 2) influencing future education policy and practice; 3) improving decision making and action; and 4) serving as a means of implementation. M&E is thus a valuable policy tool for implementing sustainability education and ensuring that it is achieving the expected objectives.

Teach-ins were an important tool to mobilize citizens for first Earth Day in 1970. For the 50th anniversary in 2020, we are calling on educators around the world to host teach-ins on locally important environmental issues. Come get resources and ideas on how to integrate environmental education and civic action.

Funded by the World Bank Connect4Climate Program, Earth Day Network conducted an assessment of global environmental education programs formally embedded into primary and secondary education school systems. Join us to learn results and best practices to successfully embedding EE into your classrooms.

From Lonesome George to rangers in Africa, storytelling is commonly used to connect audiences of all ages to conservation. This session will focus on how to launch a successful conservation writing contest that allows people to use their voices to speak up for voiceless species around the world.


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