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Deadline: August 8. Do you know of an individual or organization that has accomplished great things in environmental education? You probably do! This is your chance to recognize the wonderful work of incredibly hardworking individuals and organizations for the benefit of the environment.

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Jeanine Silversmith, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association joined us to discuss the important role advocacy plays in securing the future of environmental education in the state of Rhode Island. Part of that work includes advocating for the successful passage of a climate literacy bill that could help transform environmental education across the state.

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Communication is critical for connecting with your core audience, engaging with new audiences, and generating awareness and engagement on key issues. Katie Navin, Executive Director of the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, shares some key takeaways from "How to Tell a More Effective Story About Environmental Education: A Framing Guide for Advocates, Educators, Program Leaders, and Other Communicators," including the role communication plays in moving advocacy efforts forward successfully.

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Green 2.0's 2021 NGO & Foundation Transparency Report Card offers questions for reflection for all those working in environmental education. If you identify as a young or emerging professional, please join the YEP Group on November 22 for a short conversation about HR practices, including those discussed in the report, such as transparent salary and promotion processes, training and mentoring programs, and diversity and inclusion efforts.

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Halloween is approaching and costume parties may have already started to pop up on your calendar. If October slipped away from you and you’ve found yourself costume-less, don’t rush out to the closest Halloween store just yet. You can save Halloween with a quick and easy do-it-yourself costume. As a more budget-friendly and wildlife-friendly option, your last-minute homemade costume can be a win-win.