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Join us for our return to an in-person gathering in beautiful Tucson or participate online with our virtual program. NAAEE’s 2022 conference will focus on the powerful role education can play in creating healthier communities and tackling today’s complex environmental and social issues. Register today!

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Storytelling matters! In the words of Dr. Eric Umstead, professor of Special Education: "I wasn't good at anything that required memorization and was taught in a direct fashion. I suppose it was my want to spend time on things that mattered to me or someone took the time to explain how it mattered to me. For better or worse, that's why I always try to tie content that matters to stories to people can connect."

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Deadline: August 8. Do you know of an individual or organization that has accomplished great things in environmental education? You probably do! This is your chance to recognize the wonderful work of incredibly hardworking individuals and organizations for the benefit of the environment.

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Access to nature can reduce anxiety, green schoolyards can impact students’ physical and socioemotional health, and environmental education can improve health-related quality of life. As environmental educators, we’re familiar with nature’s many gifts, including that of wellness and health. In this blog post, we’ll look specifically at how Geechee communities in Georgia supported and prioritized community health.

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During Black History Month and beyond, we want to share the inspiration and strength of regional, place-based initiatives that address Black history in nature and relate to this year's theme, Black Health and Wellness. Charting the ways personal histories unravel the self, this collage of conversations between Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous Alaskans maps paths toward healing.

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Thich Nhat Hanh's "Ten Love Letters to the Earth" articulate the power of the connection between spirituality and environmental education. The new eePRO group, Spirituality & EE, will allow us to explore how connecting our spiritualities with our environmental education practice can help us learn and grow as environmental educators and people as a whole.