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A Journey Begins
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Our connection to nature forms first through our youthful spirit and while this spirit may get clouded by life experiences, it is a pathway forward to providing meaningful EE to the people whom we serve. This new eePRO group, Spirituality & EE, will allow us to explore different pathways and how they inform our work.

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Jeanine Silversmith, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association joined us to discuss the important role advocacy plays in securing the future of environmental education in the state of Rhode Island. Part of that work includes advocating for the successful passage of a climate literacy bill that could help transform environmental education across the state.

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Are you interested in assessing and enhancing the connections your audiences have to nature? The "Practitioner Guide to Assessing Connection to Nature" provides practitioners, organizations, researchers, and others with tested tools for measuring connections to nature. The guide provides information to help you choose an appropriate tool or approach for your needs, whether you work with young children, teenagers, or adults.


In the series of how nature impacts us, Marghanita Hughes has a perspective that brings to the fore the importance of the arts as a vehicle for looking at nature and creating a place for art. Oft times in our trying to partition academic disciplines, we leave the arts as an aside. It is integral and is essential. One cannot separate it any more than we can separate hearing and seeing, they interconnect. When we love something, we want to know more about it, we are more inclined to protect it because it has value. So it is with nature and how the arts can make us more connected to our environment. As Marghanita says: "Life is truly beautiful....what is loved will survive...we protect what we love!"