Association Spotlight: Canadian Network for Environmental Education & Communication

The Canadian Network for Environmental Education & Communication (EECOM) is Canada’s national network for environmental learning. Over twenty-five years old, EECOM has led professional development and collaboration across regional partners and organizations to advance research and practice in Canada.

Each year EECOM partners with local organizations in the country to host its national conference. This last year, it hosted the first-ever K-12 climate change education conference in the country, along with partners in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Next October they will work with local organizers in Toronto to explore urban environmental education. Read more here.

EECOM offers unique conferences for the country, putting researchers and educators together for professional development and knowledge mobilization, including leadership clinics and pre-conference workshops. Comprised of both individual and organizational members, EECOM continues to explore and act upon increasing inclusivity and diversity within the movement, notably with new conference guidelines on Indigenous community engagement. 

Finally, EECOM’s teacher education subcommittee ESE-TE is releasing a special issue of the Canadian Journal for EE in the new year. EECOM is looking forward to continuing these conversations in the years to come through increasing youth engagement and intergenerational learning, helping our movement to come full circle in our vast and wide country.