Black Beekeepers are Reclaiming Vacant Lots

When Detroit natives Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey noticed the numbers of dilapidated and vacant lots in their beloved city rising, they decided to implore a creative new solution to revitalize some of these spaces. Paule and Lindsey co-founded a nonprofit organization called "Detroit Hives" and began to purchase vacant properties and re-purpose them into fully functioning bee farms.

In addition to raising honeybees, Detroit Hives is also committed to spreading awareness about bees and the countless benefits of honey via visits to local schools and community tours of their bee farm. They have also begun to sell their honey to local artisans to be used in locally crafted beers and sauces. While they currently only own one farm, Detroit Hives plans to expand in 2018.

-written by Because of Them We Can staff

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