Grist/Ameila Bates

Climate Anxiety

While the rise in climate change severity has risen in the last few years, the young people of the world are feeling the impacts more than ever. Climate Change has a lot of physical effects on humans that we are aware of, such as poor air quality leading to and exacerbating respiratory illnesses. Carbon Dioxide levels skyrocket as we struggle to fight the adverse effects that Climate Change presents us with, and we try to figure out a way to decrease the impact on ourselves and future generations. But a major issue that wasn’t previously considered is the mental health of those who will be inheriting this damaged planet from us. People are feeling overwhelmed at the magnitude of the global issues ahead of them, and by what they will have to do in order to have a world worth passing on to future generations. More importantly, we are overwhelmed by the fight to keep our current world livable for ourselves in order to have anything to pass on to our children. Psychologists are seeing climate anxiety in children as young as six years old, and the obvious answer to seeing this go away is action. How will we change our actions in the coming years to be assured that we are leaving a livable planet for our children? How can we help prepare them to pick up the battle where we leave it when we’re gone? Action must happen now, or we may not have anything to leave for our children's’ futures. Resources below.