Moderator Endorsed: Climate Change Education
Moderator Endorsed: Climate Change Education

Climate Change Education at NAAEE's 2018 Conference: Proposals Due Soon!

We’re less than 3 weeks from the deadline! Now is the time to get started on your proposals for the NAAEE Conference -- October 10–13, 2018 in Spokane, Washington. This year’s conference will focus on the power of education to create positive change for the future. And one of the greatest needs is supporting and encouraging fellow EEducators as we work to engage students and communities in learning about and addressing climate change.

To begin thinking about what you might share with others at this conference or what you would like to learn from others, please do 2 things:

  1. Review the Call for Presentations here: NAAEE 2018 CFP 

  2. Type in your thoughts as comments on this blog post or on the discussion thread (be sure to first login or create a free eeprofile). Remember, there are over 200 educators in this group, so you are bound to find someone who has some ideas/answers for you or who could be interested in discussing and helping you advance your work. What would you like to learn from others at the conference? What do you want to share with others?

P.S. This year, the Strands and Session types are very similar to last years so that should make it easier to decide where you might fit in!