Connecting The Majesty of Yellowstone To All

The melding of the images from Gene Boaz and lyrics from John Denver is a fitting message to us all. It is a shame they never met one another; yet, in this blog post, they are introduced to one another and to all of us.

Connecting the Majesty of Yellowstone to All

Photography by Gene Boaz
Lyrics by John Denver

Oh, The Yellowstone

Oh the buffalo free

Oh my brother the wolf

My lover the moon

Oh the Little one, oh, the joy that I feel

Oh, the love in my heart, a wilderness song

Oh, the waterfall

Oh the River that runs

Oh my brother the wind, my sister the sea

Oh the ocean shore, oh the castles of stone

Oh the mountain top calling to me

Returning, forever returning, coming home

Belonging, forever belonging, never alone…

Oh, the beautiful way, the sweet coming home

Gene Boaz

The late photographer, Gene Boaz, captured these pictures more than thirty years ago. His artistry is unequaled, his patience and ability to feel the moment had arrived to engage his camera is astounding and miraculous.

Denise Boaz, Gene’s wife, provided the following quotes to accompany his photos:

“My love for nature and photography are the same. I am a naturalist first and a photographer second. So in all cases, the plant or animal comes before the photograph.”

“I can and do use the camera to teach others about the wildlife that otherwise they may never see. I hope my photographs will help people to stop and look around them and tune in to the wonders of this beautiful world.”

Gene’s gifts went beyond his photography. He was always happy to help someone learn the skills necessary to capture a photo. He was a natural teacher, an upstanding member of his community and beyond. His gentle nature, his kindness extended throughout his life.

Gene Boaz won Best in Show for the 1993 nature calendars, sponsored by the Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, NY. The photo for the calendar was handpicked by Roger Tory Peterson.

He was published in several national publications such as AudubonNational WildlifeWild BirdTime-Life BooksCruising WordSierra, and numerous regional magazine and newspapers.

My gratitude to Denise for giving permission to use his images to the Connecting to Nature Blog—Joe

John Denver

The late John Denver needs no introduction. His work to protect wildlife, to connect us to the natural world, to make us hear, see and listen, is a legacy he leaves. His lyrics, his music touch whoever listens to them.

His song, Yellowstone Coming Home, was never recorded in its entirety. He finished this song just before his untimely death in a plane crash. The beauty he captures is a shining example of how he could sing to our hearts and minds. For many of us, his songs still speak to us.

John Denver recorded and released approximately 300 songs, about 200 of which he composed. He had 33 albums and singles that were certified gold and platinum in the U.S. In 1977 John was chosen as the Poet Laureate of Colorado, the 1977 People’s Choice Award, 1982 Carl Sandburg’s People’s Poet Award, and the 1993 Albert Schweitzer Music Award.