A Homily to Nature's Healing


Marghanita Hughes

I head to the beach and sit for a while, observing the gentleness of the waves, the coming and going. I am instantly calmed by the soothing rhythm. The Autumnal light is soft; sunbeams kiss the water; shimmering aqua, turquoise and gold dance before me and my heart fills up with deep gratitude. Grateful to be able to sit and just be. To breathe in the abundant beauty, the music and poetry of the ocean, to absorb the peace and tranquillity, the purity and truth of our Mother Earth.

Nature is my healer, my medicine, my greatest teacher and a constant inspiration for my work and as an artist. In this painting I wished to capture the beauty, purity, contentment and peace that I felt at the ocean.

The artist Wassily Kandinsky's circles are my starting point.

(The natural world and the arts can blend together to create harmony and healing. One can start from the natural world and connect to the arts or one may start with the arts and move to nature. In either way the outcome is the same...healing and peace. JAB)

Photo Credit: Alissa Swan, Photographer in FB page, Friends of Land Between the Lakes.( Used With Permission)