Incredible Story and Teaching Resources: Climate Change in Greenland

The Washington Post celebrated the New Year with an amazing front page story that is even better online – enhanced with videos. I highly recommend that you look at it, and predict that you will find it to be an incredible story and an excellent teaching resource.

This story with fabulous videos, graphics, photos and text, tells the story of a climate scientists’ work at Peterman Glacier in Greenland – the evidence he’s been collecting, how he does it, the understandings he’s reached, and how all that has changed his views on climate change. I find it a story that is totally understandable by teenagers & adults alike—and will provide deep understanding about how science works and how evidence leads to changes in understandings.  Viewers/readers will also gain a new understanding re how/why sea level rise is happening. A wonderful teaching resource!

Find the full story and resources here:

Best Wishes for a healthy, fulfilling 2017!



Thank you for sharing. :)

This was beautiful storytelling that makes the most of the online format. Very immersive and compelling. Thank you for sharing it!