Inviting Diverse Audiences Outdoors One Selfie at a Time

In her October National Parks and Recreation Magazine feature article “Social Media Enhances Inclusivity Outdoors,” Paula Jacoby-Garrett states:

“Feeling comfortable and welcomed in the outdoors doesn’t come easily for everyone, especially those from diverse groups. Historically, white males were most of the outdoor adventure seekers and nature protectors. Currently, minorities make up more than one-third of the U.S. population, and it is estimated that by 2044, the country will be a minority-majority. However, only 22 percent of visitors to national parks in 2014 were a minority, and 26 percent of participants in outdoor activities in natural areas are non-Caucasian.

Behind the scenes, there’s a grassroots movement happening in social media that’s changing the face of outdoor recreation. Across social media platforms, individuals from around the world are highlighting their outdoor adventures and, in turn, are motivating and inspiring others. These individuals aren’t the typical white, middle- to upper-class outdoor adventurer. They are from minority groups; they have disabilities, they are LGBTQ+ and they are plus-sized.”

Read and be inspired by her article below and take advantage of the instagram accounts, blogs and websites she lists that focus on diversity in the outdoors at


Thank you! A lot of great resources that encourage all people to connect with nature and each other.