Moderator Endorsed: Data Literacy
Moderator Endorsed: Data Literacy

Meet the new moderators for the Data Literacy group

As we approach the new year, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are Sarah Dunifon and Gustavo Requena Santos, the new moderators for the Data Literacy group in eePRO. We’re excited to be a part of this group and engage in conversations about the importance of data literacy. 

Sarah M. Dunifon is a long-time STEM education, outreach, and evaluation professional. She is currently the Founder and Principal Evaluator of Improved Insights, LLC which provides participatory and utilization-focused evaluation and assessment services for nonprofits, institutions, and museums. In her career, she’s been an environmental and conservation educator, a program manager, a research and evaluation associate, and a STEM equity professional. Her work focuses on helping nonprofits and other organizations (particularly those with STEM and youth-based programming) to assess and communicate the impacts of their work.

Gustavo grew up in Southeastern Brazil and his passion for nature motivated him to become a field biologist and led him to a career in academic research and higher education. Gustavo dedicated over 15 years to help college students connect their curiosity about nature to science, guiding them through the transformative path of critical thinking. In 2018, Gustavo chose Connecticut to be his new home, and non-formal science education and outreach to be his new career. He currently serves on the Board of the NAAEE affiliate in Connecticut (CT Outdoor & Environmental Education Association) and has been supporting outdoor education as the perfect format to stimulate kids’ and adults’ curiosity about nature and connect them to science. Gustavo is also the Founder of the Science Yourself initiative, an online platform that connects professionals and community members that support and value science literacy and critical thinking in the greater New Haven area and across Connecticut.

As moderators for the Data Literacy group in eePRO, our goals are to connect with group members, discuss the research and practical applications of data literacy, and the importance of teaching students to value factual information and evidence not only for their learning process, but also to make informed decisions in their lives. The Data Literacy group is a place to share content, resources and experiences, and learn from others’ challenges and successes in delivering lessons that teach how to

  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data

  • Use datasets available from other sources

  • Compile information in a useful way

  • Analyze data in a meaningful way

  • Visualize patterns supported by robust evidence

  • Critically assess and interpret these patterns in a broader scale


Welcome everyone to the 2021 eePRO Data Literacy group!


Kindest Regards,


eePRO Data Literacy Group Moderators

Sarah Dunifon

Gustavo Requena Santos