Power of One

As individuals we can make a difference. Sometimes we lose sight of it. In the book, How many people does it take to make a difference by Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada, 2009, by Compendium, Inc. we see how "ONE" is important. (From the section, Love the Green Earth)

"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.

If everyone in the U.S. reused a paper grovery bag, even for just one shopping trip this year, we' save millions of trees.

If everyone recycled just one additional plastic bottle this year, we'd reduce the plastic in our landfills by 200 million pounds.

It each of us simply kept our tires properly inflated this year, nationwide gasoline use would drop by millions of barrels.

If each of us simply reduced our computer default margin to .75" on all sides of our documents, we would save 6 million trees and eliminate 1.5 billion pounds of greenhouse gases per year."

One has power and ONE can make a difference. If one of us would take a child outside to explore nature, over time that would make a difference in them, their children and their children. The number impacted would be 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32...and so on. 

For one teacher with 25 in her/his classroom the impact of taking their children outside in nature would be profound. Over a 25 year career of just one teacher, it would touch at least 625 children. If only 300 of those children took their children outside in nature each year for 25 years we would impact 15,000 children. Wow...the power of one can make a great difference.

Think about it....what can we do as one person to connect children to nature. What will be the long-term impact? 



Beautifully written and succinctly to the point. Thank you so much for this powerful reminder how much we can each do with simple acts...and how much we must do with simple acts.