Spring - Connections By Lily

This poem created by a nine year old demonstrates the value of nature when it is nurtured by a family that makes an effort to make connections. Lily's Mom writes: "The more my children are exposed to the arts, the better their brains seem to function. I've spent a lot of time this year away from participating in the arts (just watching or listening) and I can tell it's hurting my psyche. Trying to work it back in more, despite how busy we are. My husband Mark has REALLY pushed an emphasis on arts in their lives and he hates to see too much focus on STEM -everything. He worries that we're losing the arts in all of this science-heavy push. EE does a good job of incorporating the arts...a better job than traditional STEM. I've been very interested lately in the many applications of the drawing tree rings activity from the PLT book. Using it in a history course to chart the struggles and triumphs of a country over the years. Or using it to chart a scientists' life (adding words for their contributions to "science" at different stages). Drawing it out makes it stick and uses the creative part of our brain to help the logical part remember the facts."


By Lily

Cheer up, Cheer up
for spring is here at last and winter has gone past
Cheer up, Cheer up
the robin cries, I shall tell no lies
Cheer up, Cheer up 
for the geese are coming back
Cheer up Cheer up
For they know that spring is here and winter has gone past
Cheer up Cheer up
oh the buds are opening to a new season and I see no reason why they should close again 
For spring is here
Cheer up Cheer up

- Lily Adler

Lily is a 9-year old avid reader and writer whose favorite modes of entertainment are climbing trees, playing in the mud, and making potions! She attends Redwood Cooperative School where the arts are valued, outdoor education is practiced regularly, and outdoor play occurs three times every day. Children keep rain boots and an extra set of clothing at school so curiosity can be encouraged instead of thwarted.

Her Mother, Jen Lyon Adler: Lily's mother is a Master Certified Environmental Educator in Kentucky and her father is a public library director. With a house full of books, musical instruments, and art supplies, the Adlers value the arts as an integral part of the environmental education of their children.