Sunrise - Awaking with Mother Nature

SUNRISE - Awaking with Mother Nature


Marganita Hughes

I walk barefoot on a carpet of dew drenched moss to enter the wild theatre.

Crimson red clouds part to reveal the giant blood red orange orb rising; flooding the vast waters of the ocean with it’s radiant colour.

The water ripples, creating waves of soft rose, apricot and peach; changing to crimson, lilac and violet, then melting effortlessly, into gold.

The gold fades to a softer light - a light so pure; what I have come to call God’s light. The pure light expands covering the whole sky, to the mountains and beyond.

And as the drama builds, poetry and music of the ocean fill the early (November) morning air.

Breathing in the wild raw air, the music, the poetry; the abundant love and beauty; my heart begins to sing and my spirit dances in communion with all of creation, I too, become part of the performance.

I am filled with deep gratitude for the gift of this sacred new day; grateful for the privilege to experience the arts of nature in such magnificence, the beauty and truth now embedded in my heat and soul.

May you all get to experience and be part of at least one of the performances our Mother Earth gifts us throughout each day.

I hope and pray it will not be too long before we can all hold hands, free of hand sanitizer and masks and dance down by the ocean, under the giant cedars, high on the mountain tops wild and free.

Photo Credit: David Hughes