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Management systems for membership

Hi there.
For those of you who don't know me, I'm the Project Manager at RIEEA, the RI Environmental Education Association. Every year at this time I think about how frustrating it is to manage our members (individual and organizational) using our simple Excel spreadsheet. Wondering if any of you use a simple, free (or really inexpensive) program or system to handle your memberships? We are mostly looking to streamline renewals and email lists. And we're not talking about a lot (yet!) - under 100 for now. Any advice is welcome!
Thanks so much!

Hi Jeanine,
We use Membership Works. It's a plug in for your website. I like it so far. It's pretty user-friendly and relatively cheap - $19.99/month for under 100 members. You can send emails directly through the Membership Works dashboard, but it doesn't automatically add email addresses to a service like MailChimp. You can see how it's integrated on our website here:
Good luck with your search!

Hi Jeanine,

For a long time, we used an Access database that was created to manage our membership. I'm happy to share the file if you have Microsoft Access and it would help you all since it would be a free way to do this. You can do queries to sort membership by year, name, email, etc. Its a step up from excel. We switched last year to Little Green Light which is about $39/month but it also manages our donor database and event registrations and has forms for each of these so all the information is automatically updated (memberships, donations, conference registrations, etc.). We got a free trial for it last year on Techsoup.