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Model EE Programs for Research

We at KAEE are looking for examples of model programs in other states that do a great job of any of the following: engaging students in long term EE experiences, work with at-risk students, focusing on green careers, have an emphasis in civic engagement or behavior change, get students out of the traditional classroom setting, provide mentorship, or create a pipeline of learning from elementary to high school. We are also looking for great examples of teacher professional development programs. Would you be willing to share names of any programs that stand out to you in your states for us to research further?

We were contracted by one of our partners to draft a report highlighting current research around EE best practices, examples of model EE programs that work with K-12 schools, and recommendations for how they can have the biggest impact with their EE funding for that city with an emphasis on encouraging behavior change and civic engagement (particularly around waste management and water quality). As part of this, we conducted a series of focus groups for educators and surveyed 467 educators in the city from 68 different schools. We will be happy to share our findings when it is complete if anyone is interested!


Ashley Hoffman

Executive Director
Kentucky Association for Environmental Education
Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance
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