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NGSS Quick Start Guide

Greetings all, here at the Environmental Education Association of New Mexico, we partnered with our great collaborators at New Mexico EPSCoR to create a new Quick Start Guide to the NM STEM Ready! Standards (NGSS plus six NM-centric standards). After hearing from teachers and educators, we decided to put this together to help ease digging through the many NGSS-focused online learning opportunities. We believe this will complement the workshops we will be offering, reach a broader audience than what we have the capacity to offer workshops for, and will help folks think about transforming their practice. We are sharing today in hopes this may be useful for other states and organizations to consider offering as we cultivate NGSS-leadership within our field.

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This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. Biggest nugget of wisdom- there's an NGSS app...sweet! This will be very helpful as we continue to correlate our programs. Any resources that might help with that process would be appreciated.