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Nonprofit Resources for Affiliates

Let's share resources! What programs/resources/apps does your affiliate use to get things done?

Here are just a few that we use a lot with the Kentucky affiliate:

Techsoup- discounted software for nonprofits
Guidestar- we have a profile on here for donors to look us up but we also use this to research 990s for grant-making foundations to see what kind of organizations they support, what states they support, how much they typically award, etc. It helps us to narrow down to the grants that are going to be a good fit for us!

Weebly- we just switched our website ( to this platform because its really easy, we can do everything in house with little to no web design knowledge and only spend a couple hundred a year.

Stripe- we just switched to Stripe for mobile and online payments because its compatible with our forms program and does automatic payment to our bank account.

LittleGreenLight- this is our new donor software. We love it because it also has an option to do forms for registrations to our conference and our donor forms, etc. so all of those are now linked to our donor database and we don't have to use separate platforms to track our donors. It also works with Mandrill and Mailchimp to send out automatic donor letters like tax receipts and renewal emails.

Mailchimp- we use this for our emails. We used to use icontact and constant contact but recently switched for a number of reasons. This one has been very user friendly.

Society for Nonprofit Organizations- we pay a nominal membership fee and receive access to a lot of resources but most importantly is a free membership to Grantstation (typically $500/year)! Grantstation is typically where we find most of our grant opportunities.

Google G Suite- we use this for so many things. We have a site on here for our facilitators for PLT, WILD, etc. We also use this for email so we can have free emails that go to our domain ( We have listservs on here for various groups in our state. We use the google forms and google drive folders for things like conference surveys or to collect presentations from conference to send to all our members. We also have a shared folder with several subfolders on here for our board members to use. It has so much potential. One of my staff created a webinar on how to use Google for nonprofits. If you would like to view it, let me know and I'm happy to share the link!

Doodle- love this for scheduling conference calls and meetings. We have also used Whenisgood and Meeting Wizard. we use this for conference calls as well as to record monthly webinars for the southeast states and for in state items. It has worked great for that and best of all its free!

Razoo- we use this for our end of the year crowdfunding campaign and have successfully raised thousands of dollars with it! It is free except for the service fee on each donation.

Kroger Charity- if you have Kroger in your state, make sure you are signed up for this and let your constituents know that you can earn money everytime they shop at Kroger if they list your nonprofit! We make a couple hundred a year off of this.

Amazonsmile- same deal as Kroger, you can earn money every time someone shops in your name.

Guidebook- we tried this out for the first time this year as an electronic program for our conference and everyone loved it! We used the free version. It was great and next year we will give folks the option of using the app instead of getting a printed program to save us money! We didn't pay for the surveys, instead we just included a link to a google form in there so folks could do session evaluations on it as well.

QuickBooks GoPayment- we use this for our auction and store at the conference. We used to use Paypal and Square but we just switched to this since we have QuickBooks and it syncs right to it.

QuickBooks Online- we use this for our bookkeeping and invoices. I love that it will take payments online for invoices and we don't have to keep track of all the outstanding invoices ourselves.

RemoteBooksOnline- we use this company for our bookkeeping and have liked it because we only pay $60/month per account for bookkeeping and they just input everything into QuickBooks for us. Its worked great!

ADP- we use this for our payroll service and have our volunteer treasurer process payroll each month at the click of a button. It does all our payroll taxes, etc. and we even have our retirement benefits linked to this where it will take out employer match and employee retirement contributions for us. Very simple and takes the pressure off of us to deal with taxes.

This is all I can think of for now. What works for your affiliate?

Our group (Virginia Association for Environmental Education) uses WildApricot for our membership emails, memberships, event registrations and publishing our website. We host discussion boards on it was well but I find that they aren't as useful as I would hope.

I found it a bit buggy at first but since they have switched to Amazon servers it has drastically improved. It also communicates with PayPal and I am sure it has many other functions that I haven't explored yet. I am not wild about it's website editing capabilities but I also haven't really gotten in depth with overrides and html coding for the site.

Thanks for sharing, Bruce! I know a couple states that use Wild Apricot, although I'm not familiar with it. The NC folks recently switched to that as well so maybe you can get in touch with one another to get ideas on what's going well for your state, etc.