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October Updates from the Affiliate Steering Committee

Happy October!
We just wrapped up our monthly Affiliate Steering Committee Call and are getting so excited to see everyone in Lexington!

First, I just want to give a super HUGE shout-out to all the Affiliate Leaders on the Steering Committee, Professional Development Committee, and Networking and Recognition Committee who have been working hard to create a really powerful suite of opportunities for Affiliate Leaders at the conference. As learners and as affiliates, we all have different needs and different hopes for what we will taking away from the conference. These committees have been taking feedback from past workshops, leadership clinics and more to provide different types of learning opportunities throughout the conference. There are opportunities for Affiliate Leaders to connect, share, and learn from pre-conference to post-conference. Throughout the week, we hope YOU will find at least one resource, idea, or connection that will advance your affiliate. I want to highlight some of them here:

Affiliate Dinner: Tuesday, October 15th at HopCat
Connect, socialize, and celebrate with affiliate leaders from across North America.

Systems Thinking Affiliate Workshop: Wednesday, October 16th
We believe that when we strengthen the network, we strengthen our affiliates. We have a tremendous opportunity to work together with facilitator Vicki Pozzebon to begin mapping our course from the network we are today to the network we want to be. We will begin our journey to understanding the places where we can have the biggest impact on advancing environmental education together and in our own affiliates. We will have opportunities for peer to peer mentoring and learning from each other as well.

During the Conference
Traditional Affiliate Sessions: October 17-19th AM Sessions
Learn from affiliate colleagues on topics such as: certification and accreditation, strategic planning, creating an Affiliate Guidelines Trainer's Bureau, fundraising and sponsorship, advocacy, board governance, membership, the Beetles Project for Affiliates, messaging and crowd-funding. Find all these sessions in the Hyatt Hotel, Hyatt Suites.

Sessions for Connection and Conversation: October 17 and 18th PM Sessions
Join Affiliate leaders to connect and talk about the topics most important to you. We will have several different session formats including: Open Space technology, Heads Together, Dance Cards, and opportunities to connect/join with committees. Each of these session formats will provide an opportunity to connect with colleagues, discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions! Bring ideas for discussion topics and challenges you are facing that you would like to discuss with colleagues. Find all these sessions in the Hyatt Hotel, Hyatt Suites.

Post Conference:
We want to ensure the opportunities to learn and share with other affiliates don't end with the conference. Be sure to find out more about opportunities to connect such as:

Affiliate Census
Did you fill out the Affiliate census? This survey will help us understand what each of us are working on and help us find the right affiliates to connect with, discuss ideas, and learn from successes and challenges.

Affiliate ED Community of Practice
Join this monthly call for Affiliate Executive Director's to discuss needs, challenges, and opportunities.

Affiliate Board Chair Community of Practice
This monthly call is coming soon! If you would like to be involved let us know!

Thank you again to all the committee members who have been brainstorming and dreaming about all the ways to bring together affiliates at the conference.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions (director@caee.org)! If you would like to see the full notes from our meeting visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mk0fQ9_luVII5tLAz3DKyBdxiToMpKkSEdFw...

Katie Navin
Chair Affiliate Steering Committee