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Remote Work & Project Management

Hi Everyone!
The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) staff is fully remote. This has provided a number of opportunities for us as well as challenges. I was wondering if any of the other affiliates have a remote work policy they would be willing to share. You can post it in this thread or email me at
I'm also looking into some project management tools to help us stay on track as we work in different parts of the state. Right now I'm considering Asana or Trello but would like to know if there are any other online tools you would recommend.
Many thanks!

How many staff members do you have? EEAI (IL) has a part time ED (me) and our contracted projects coordinator. We both work remotely as well. I haven't been at this position very long so I am curious what challenges you are facing with working remotely, which I may face in the future.

Great Question! In Colorado, we have 3 staff (2 part time) and we share a desk at a co-working space in Denver, but primarily work remotely. I am attaching a document (I wouldn't call it a policy) we created last year (mostly cut and paste from other sources that I found online) that serves as a starting place for discussions around telecommuting. It's definitely not perfect, but it was helpful for us to think about!

File work_from_home_guidelines.docx17.4 KB

In Kentucky, we have 3 staff and an intern. We all work remotely and are several hours apart. We try to get together in person once every couple months or so. We do video conference calls once a week and we use Freedcamp for project management. Its similar to Asana and Trello and its free to use. On our calls, we spend the first 10 minutes or so just catching up on each other's lives, which I think is very important since we don't see each other in the office daily. We also have a group google chat that we use regularly. I love working remotely now that I have little kids and this system makes me feel connected with my co-workers despite the distance. It also saves us a ton of money on overhead from having a physical office space.