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September Updates from the Affiliate Steering Committee

Happy September!
The Affiliate Steering Committee met today. Here are a few updates and highlights from our discussion!

*Thank you to everyone who submitted comments or suggestion on the Pisces Grant Application submitted by the Affiliate Steering Committee (this grant was separate from the recent Field Building RFP circulated by the Pisces Foundation). Together with your suggestions, we drafted a project that includes: 1) Updating Affiliate Steering Committee Operating Procedures and Network Guiding Principles to reflect the growth of the Network; 2) beginning a process of mapping our systems to identify leverage points in the network for advancing EE; and 3) continuing to build shared communication tools for the network. Although, this grant application is only one year, it gave us the opportunity to sketch out the next several years. The work we would be able to accomplish will lay the foundation for a network work plan, which we anticipate will include many of the ideas you shared with us. If we receive the grant, there will be several opportunities for the whole network to participate, share ideas,and review progress. Cross your fingers and stay tuned!

*The Steering Committee and subcommittees of the Network have been busy getting ready for the conference and we are excited to see many of you soon! We are excited to be trying out several new opportunities at the conference for Affiliates to connect! At the Affiliate Workshop we will be kick-starting our work on Systems Mapping with consultant Vicki Pozzebon. We believe that if we are able to make the Affiliate Network stronger, we will be able to grow the capacity of each of our individual affiliate organizations, and that starts with understanding the systems we are working in! We are excited to be able to use the Affiliate workshop to start this work, where we have the opportunity to engage so many affiliate voices from different regions, with different capacities and different needs. We won't be able to finish this work at the workshop, but we will be able to begin looking at the value and impact of the network. We hope this will also be a process that we can take back to our own affiliates. In the afternoon, we will also have some opportunities to dig into some additional topics. You can read more about Vicki and her work with the Environmental Education Association of New Mexico in the link below.
We are also excited to have a dedicated room for affiliate sessions throughout the rest of the conference. The committee has 10 traditional presentations planned presented by different affiliate leaders and a number of sessions blocks to provide opportunities for discussion and sharing. The professional development committee is continuing to meet and will be sharing more information about both the workshop and the Affiliate Strand in the coming weeks!
(We know everyone in the network won't be able to attend the Affiliate Workshop and sessions. We are working on creating plans to share out the information and provide additional opportunities to provide feedback. If you have any thoughts or ideas on the best ways to share information, please email

*You should have already received an email with information about the Affiliate Welcome, affiliate auction items, and the affiliate dinner. Don't forget to email Brenda Metcalf if you plan on participating in the Welcome or sending an auction item!

Thank you again to everyone who has volunteered to support affiliate efforts! There are many exciting things happening and we are excited to see you all at the conference.

You can see the full notes from the Steering Committee meeting using the link below. Please don't hesitate to reach out with comments, questions, or suggestions!

Thanks for all you do to Advance EE where ever you are!