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Shaun Martin (Senior Director of Climate Change Adaptation, WWF) webinar followup

Hi all! Feel free to ask your questions for Shaun (and each other!) using the discussion board. To get us started, here are a few questions we didn't have time to ask during the webinar. Shaun (or any of you!), please feel free to respond to any or all.

1) Are the successful adaptation examples on the WWF website? (It would help to know how we can help our community adapt and what that means for all ages.)

2) What are the best resources for young people and for educators who are afraid to talk about climate?

3) How do we build hope into our work?

4) How can we get kids to see their effect on climate, hopefully in the form of a lab, within the time frame of a quarter?

5) What are some techniques in honestly talking about the severity of climate change with kids without causing them to feel hopeless about the future?