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How are you learning this summer?

What are some ways that you personally are learning during the summer, or that you are teaching students/children? Share your ideas and experiences!

Our online Nature Detectives finished our last of 6 sessions of "Wildlife life and Wild Things" on Tuesday this week. We examined seashells, did scavenger hunts for wildlife in backyard and neighborhood, read the story "Rabbit and Coyote" and talked about each of them being a trickster in folktales and other stories. What do coyotes eat and where they live. Then they made coyote masks. They love art projects. Tuesday we listened to a story about starfish that live in the ocean. what they eat and how to know if they are laive.. I showed them my large starfish so they can see it up close on Zoom. This session was our way of continuing our relationship all year long online- GO out and explore, come back and share. So much fun.

I'm enrolled in an environmental literacy course, and we have been working on an eco-journal during this semester. In my opinion, this method is really effective when it comes to learning about ecology and environmental topics because I can explore different topics and write about the one that I am interested in. Additionally, we have been requested to identify environmental issues in our communities in order to address them in the eco-journal which I consider something crucial since it stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving skills.