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Use of Environmental Protection Nudges

Hi Dear Colleagues!

I would like to get your opinion regarding the use of ``Environmental Nudges`` to influence people to make ``Environmentally Friendly Choices``in their day to day activities and their daily life in general. From my experience, the Nudge Theory has contributed to a great behavioral changes in occupational health and safety. It is one of the effective tools that helps to influence the human behavior without altering people`s freedom.

Thanks for the "nudge" on this topic Ferhat. Our common behavior become habits where the routine itself is reinforcing. Arranging antecedents to cue behaviors, such as effective signage next to a compost bin, can break that routine and shift us to new behaviors with with desirable consequences for the environment. I'm putting together a blog on my national park experience this summer in nudging people to desirable behaviors later this month, so thanks for getting the conversation going.