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What does re-opening look like for you?

Hi everyone! I was going to have these questions as discussion topics during our virtual gathering, but since we're still working on rescheduling (stay tuned!) I didn't want to wait too much longer to ask.

As more people get vaccinated, restrictions are lifted, and warmer weather allows for outdoor gatherings, what does reopening look like for you and your institution?

- How was your Earth Day? What did you do?
- What does this summer look like? Are in-person events starting to happen?
- What kinds of precautions are you/your institution still taking (restrictions in crowd size, no artifacts for touching, masks/vaccination cards, etc?)
- If you/your institution were doing virtual events during the pandemic, will those be something you continue in any kind of capacity due to ease of access/broader audience reach?

Hello and we've opened all of our outdoor areas (zoo, trails, picnic areas). We're still doing virtual programs but are beginning to plan for structured programs for the public soon. The majority of visitors are grateful to be out exploring nature.

As we work with the NPS, we are now experiencing many of the restrictions being lifted. Participation is high and people are eager to be outdoors. In our vans, the plastic dividers are no longer being utilized. We still have less staff this season, but word is that there are resources in the budget to hire more for next year. Things are operating as usual, but we also are in a more rural location. What about folks that are closer to bigger cities?