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Looking for DEI Consultant in Midwest

I am interested in hosting a DEI training or workshop for the EE Association of IL board of directors and possibly some additional workshops for our organizational members. I am having a really hard time finding someone in the mid-west that has the expertise in this area but also an understanding/connection with the education world. I have tried several times to reach out to the Center for Environment and Diversity to see if they had any suggestions or were willing to travel all the way to IL but cannot get a response from them. Does anyone have any suggestions for consultants or experts that lead DEI training and workshops for BOD in the education and non-profit worlds? Thanks!

Hi Abbie,

Sounds like you got some suggestions here! Myself and another Chicago based colleague from the NAAEE ee360 fellowship are in the process of forming a consultancy to address requests like these. We provide a DEI trainings as well as other trainings and competencies based on need. It's something that I have personally eight years of experience facilitating and also am a classroom and EE educator. If this sounds like what you are looking for feel free to reach out to me at anitasingh@gmail.com and we can talk further. Good luck in your search!

For your BOD I would recommend Chicago-based consultant Stacey Gibson. She has experience in facilitating for education and environmental groups etc. justgibson28@gmail.com. For organizational members, I would suggest you reach out to Chicago-based Environmentalists of Color, their reach expands into MidWest http://www.eocnetwork.org. I would also offer to personally connect with you along with my friend Anita from Detroit above and other Chicago folks.