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A new book from Puerto Rican artist, birder, and astronomer

Shortly after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, our intended NAAEE conference destination in 2017, I met Javier through one of my organization's board members, Will. He is a native of Puerto Rico, a graduate student at Yale, and went on one of our birding trips and met Will who promptly introduced us. It turns out that Javier was publishing a book about the birds of Old San Juan. It became a wonderful opportunity for our organization to help promote his book and help raise money for the Puerto Rico Ornithological Society at the same time. I had the joy of working with Javier for months to plan the Puerto Rico Birds event and he has become a dear friend. We have had a hard time finding time for us to get together to catch up this past year, and lo and behold - I know why! He's been working on another book: Un Libro de Estrellas, a Book of Stars. I thought it might be of interest to eePROs, as it addresses light pollution and a place many of us wish we had the chance to enjoy via NAAEE's Annual Conference. Perhaps you might be interested in supporting his work, or in the book itself. Check out this video to learn more. Salud!