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E.O. Wilson and his global solution to extinction

The renowned E.O. Wilson offers a potential solution to the mounting problem of extinction around the world. He writes: "The only way to save upward of 90 percent of the rest of life is to vastly increase the area of refuges, from their current 15 percent of the land and 3 percent of the sea to half of the land and half of the sea. That amount, as I and others have shown, can be put together from large and small fragments around the world to remain relatively natural, without removing people living there or changing property rights. This method has been tested on a much smaller scale at the national and state park levels within the United States."

Perhaps bold, but he argues, doable. What do you all think about this as a solution? Do you think refuges are the way to go? If so, what is the role that environmental education can play here?