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Add Your Voice and Ideas to the Virtual Conference

Were you going to the NAAEE conference in Puerto Rico? Disappointed that you aren't going to be able to share with others all of those great projects? Missing the opportunity to discuss important ideas? Join the virtual conference and post your sessions:

Virtual Conference Website and Proceedings:
We've created a special virtual conference site on eePRO where you can post the inspiring, important work you're doing and connect with others who share you're your interests. Presenters for all accepted sessions for the Conference and Research Symposium have the opportunity to contribute:

* Papers

* Short video summations

* Presentations (such as PowerPoints)

* Posters
All submissions will be tagged to eePRO Groups, where we encourage comments and further discussion about session content. You can also easily contact any presenter through eePRO for more information.
Check out conference sessions, or submit your own, at this link: