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Community Engagement through local distilleries

I was excited to see the Community Guidelines mentioned the other day at a Sustainable Spirits Summit I was at here in Kentucky. Some of our local bourbon distilleries, such as Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, have been using the Community Engagement Guidelines as a tool for reaching out to their communities. They showed a slide of the 5 key characteristics at the summit and shared how they have been using these as a framework for their community outreach events. Maker’s Mark recently held a teacher training around environmental education, has been designing rain barrels out of old bourbon barrels, and does a lot of work around the importance of water quality and trees in the bourbon industry. It was a great illustration of how we can build connections between education and industry at the community level.

That is so cool! We recently hosted a Community Engagement Guidelines workshop here in NC, and tried to stress that these are good practices for any entity, not just those within education. We had a variety of guest speakers come in a share their reflections on the guidelines and their work. Thanks for sharing!