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Connect with Guidelines During Conference

Be sure to check out these opportunities (meeting, workshop, and conference sessions) to get up to date announcements, contribute, and share ideas on how to use the Guidelines for Excellence during the next two weeks of NAAEE's annual conference.

Guidelines for Excellence eePRO Group Meeting
Tuesday, October 5
, 2021
2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Equity & Inclusion - Expansion of the Community Engagement Guidelines for Excellence - workshop
Monday, October 11th
[this workshop is by invitation only for people who have attended a previous Community Engagement train-the-trainer workshop]

Improving Practice through Authentic Community Engagement
Wednesday, October 13th

We're Updating and Revising - Environmental Education Program Development: Guidelines for Excellence - Wednesday, October 13th

Updated and Revised - Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence - Thursday, October 14th