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Guidelines for Excellence at Conference - What Could Be Helpful?

Hello all - curious what types of presentations, discussions, or mini-workshops would be helpful to many regarding the Guidelines for Excellence. Curious to hear from you all in this eePro thread.

Now is the time to be proposing conference session ideas. And if you have an idea to propose, please don't hesitate. Remember they can't say yes (or no) if you don't submit something. So, don't be bashful.

At our state EE conference, I do a general "what are the Guidelines and why do they matter" session every couple of years. We have also had great success at doing full day workshops prior to the conference, and just pick two of the Guidelines to focus on and link together. Other folks in our state have done Guidelines presentations as part of other conferences too, including our EE Centers group and AZA.

I, sadly, won't be attending the conference this year, but the session Jennifer Ortega and I did last year seemed to be well received ( So I would encourage folks to really think outside the box and unique ways they have used the Guidelines, or maybe some of the groups they have introduced the Guidelines to, as bases for presentations.

This thread that Sarah has started would be a great place to begin bouncing ideas around... maybe find someone to partner with for a co-presentation!

I would love to see a train the trainer workshop! I use the Community Engagement Guidelines for Excellence in my own work and would love to be able to share it with my own network of municipal stormwater educators. I feel like I would really benefit from a training on how to train others first though.