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Integrating the Guidelines into EE Certification? How do you do this?

Curious to start a discussion here about how you and your state affiliate (or other institution) integrate the Guidelines for Excellence into your EE certification program/curriculum. Do you have any proven practices or learnings you can share with us on what has worked well as well as challenges you've faced and are working through? Are the Guidelines brought into the certification curriculum for participants and/or how do the Guidelines inform the development of certification programs?

If you have any documents/pdfs to share along these lines that may help other organizations, please also share those here too. Hoping for a dynamic discussion and sharing here. :-)

Our entire EE Certification program in North Carolina is built around the Professional Development guidelines and building skills and knowledge in all categories. It provides a lot of flexibility so participants can build their skill and knowledge in particular areas of interest, yet required courses give a strong foundation. In addition, all our Criteria I workshops are required to submit applications for approval showing how the workshop supports the Professional Development and Materials guidelines. Our program is very practitioner-based, and managed by our state Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs. You can learn more about it at this url