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Best Practices for Bilingual Interpretive Signs

I work for a local municipality and we are working with a consultant to develop two bilingual interpretive signs for two different wetland areas within the City. This is my first time working on a project like this and I'm wondering if there are any resources or best practices out there for developing bilingual signage. Thanks for your help!

We've created multi-language signs on fish consumption advisories. Biggest thing is to work with members of the community so that translations are correct yet understood and not just formally translated. If the community doesn't understand the concept, it's not going to help.
Definitely look at the NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence in Community Engagement.... BUT also, the interp writing process is best gone through with NAI's Alan Lethbridge (book: Interpretive Writing, helps with themes & tips to keep signs focused) & Paul Caputo has Interpretation by Design.