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IRB Hall of Fame and Shame

Tips and examples of successful Institutional Research Board submissions for EE research to help new researchers and practitioners navigate the treacherous waters of getting institutional approval. Along with a horror story or two to help us learn from missteps.

I think this is a terrific idea, Bryan. This could be very helpful to those who haven't dealt with the IRB previously. As you noted in our in-person session, while each IRB is somewhat different, there may be some helpful commonalities that could be addressed. I suspect there are also resources and links to reference pages that might be shared here. At some point, the category here could be changed to "IRB" or something like "Doing Research."

Thanks Nicole, good to meet you in Madison. It would be helpful to hear from anyone who has written successful IRB's for data that was already collected (e.g., program evaluations with interesting questions). A lot of usable data languishes in obscurity because an IRB wasn't completed first, but there may be ways of anonymizing or processing some data sets that make them amenable to an IRB board. Has anyone tried this recently?