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Thoughts welcome on recent thought piece

Hi research & evaluation community! I recently worked with some colleagues to write a piece on academic outcomes for EE and I'm really curious for people's reactions. It's a thought piece (so no new data), but we hope it may be useful in helping people think about how to maximize EE research around academic outcome for maximum impact (i.e., helping make the case for EE in schools).

Our central argument is for a null-effects model; one that celebrates when EE achieves the same outcomes as good (non-EE) teaching. It may be unrealistic to expect that EE may produce better test scores, higher grades, or boosts in other academic outcomes, but EE may support these and provide a host of other co-benefits.

To read more, I'm including a link to the open-access article to this thread. And genuinely curious as to the degree this is useful. Thanks for reading!


Hi Kathryn,

I couldn't agree more. I started out in the research of educational technology and they were having the same issues. This report that reviewed the evidence base in the effectiveness of educational technology cautiously concluded that an online learning approaches that were no worse than traditional methods be seen not as a negative but a positive:

I haven't had a chance to read your paper yet, but I will and will post some thoughts.

John Baek